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UNIVERSAL: Designed to be a "One-Stop-Shop" for Pallet Companies

True to its name, Universal Machinery Sales offers an exclusive line of equipment tailored to just about every activity within Pallet Recycling or Pallet Manufacturing Operations. From the processing of rough stock & pallet components, the manual or fully automatic nailing of pallets, to efficient pallet disassembly, repair, and wood scrap recovery, Universal has the technology. Universal machines are available to handle individual processing tasks such as notching, chamfering, or trimming new or recycled stock. Universal can also provide complete systems with multiple stages for high-volume disassembly, repair, remanufacturing, or manufacturing of stringer & block pallets.

According to Mona C. Tracy, Owner / President of Universal, the strength of Universal's extensive product line comes from a key principle: "No two pallet companies are the same, and each will require a little different mix of machines to achieve productivity and profitability." For example, Universal offers both Band Saw and Disc-Type Disassemblers for Pallet Repair. To handle diverse needs when building new or recycled pallets, Universal offers you several styles of Manual Jigs, from simple to stacker-equipped and ultra-durable Automated Nailing Systems for high-speed, high-volume pallet assembly.

Experience, Expertise, & Customer-Based Solutions

Mona Tracy brings 30 years of Pallet Industry experience and personal dedication to both the business and to her customers. "My goal is to fully understand your application, and then to deliver the best machine or system for the job – my integrity has to back up that promise," Mona states. "Customer service is at the heart of what we do at Universal, and we devote both time and energy to being a valuable resource for your business. That includes customizing the set-up of all machinery to suit individual needs." Gas, Diesel, or Electric Power Options are available. "We always know that follow-through after the sale is essential to you. Our service, support, and parts availability are 'front & center' at Universal," Mona asserts.

In addition to its exclusive brands, Universal also represents quality equipment produced by other manufacturers in the industry. "We are always responding to our customer needs and opportunities to innovate," Mona explains. "We look for new solutions and are pleased to work with companies that have a strong reputation for reliable machinery – ultimately, that's good for our customers."

Maintaining active Used Equipment Options – Buying & Selling for companies within the Pallet Industry – is important to Universal. "The used equipment market is an essential component of our customer's business, and we approach it like a service," Mona says. "We have built an online listing into this website in order to respond to the need for rapid turnaround on these deals. Credibility is a big part of used equipment transactions, and we have earned the confidence of our customers."

As part of its complete package as a single-source supplier, Universal provides Financing & Leasing arrangements for equipment, competitive pricing for Shipping, Machinery Appraisal Services, and Business Consulting for the Pallet Industry. Contact Universal – "We're here for you!"


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