S10 Manual Single Notcher


The machine is started by depressing the start button on the electrical box located on the front of the machine. Next the operator places one or two boards into the holder arms and aligns them to the left or right stop. The operator first pushes the handle in front of the holder arms to move material across the well-guarded cutter area, and then pulls it back. Next the operator slides boards to the alignment stop on the other side and repeats the process.  Cutting two boards at a time can yield up to 500 boards per hour.


(One or two) 1” x 4”s through 2” x 4”s; or (one) 4” x4”.   Length of stringer accepted is 104” with standard extensions. 


Rate of cut is determined by:  (1) species and condition of wood; (2) rate at which operator can load boards into holder arms; (3) condition of cutter inserts.


10 hp TEFC American made motor with starter.  Standard 3 phase, 230/460 volt. (Optional single phase, Canadian voltage, or 15 HP motor available.) No air required.


Notching head features indexable, replaceable inserts for either new or recycled material.  12” dia. X 9” notch x 2.5” arbor.  Notch depth ¾” minimum to 2” maximum.  Notch length can be changed by adding or removing ½” cutter segments up to 12” maximum.


Sturdy steel construction.  Enclosed belt area.  Enclosed cutter head.  Easy to reach start/stop controls.  Internal chip duct can be adapted to your specifications.