Revo Revolving Work Stations

Whether being used for new pallet construction, repair of pallets, or re-manufacturing, your operator can increase production by utilizing the labor saving features of the REVO REVOLVING WORK STATION.  Even though less physical exertion is used, the process of the air gun nailing is greatly increased since top rotation provides ready access to all sides.
The heavy structure of the unit includes two bearings.  This feature eliminates vibration and any rocking motion in the unit. Heavy 2 x 12 planks are bolted to the steel base with ¾” plywood topping the planks.  This makes a rigid and secure foundation to which you may fasten your jigs.
The large base storage box can be locked to secure nailing guns and supplies.  The adjustable legs/feet allow stabilization of the unit on uneven surfaces.  The height is adjustable from 32” to 38”.  To adjust the height, back the lock nut out of the threaded rod.  Adjust to desired height and set lock nut in place.