Wood Grinders - Horizontal and Hopper-Feed Systems

Wood Grinders

Pallet Recyclers, New Pallet Manufacturers, & Stock Suppliers – Universal has a cost-saving solution for processing your Wood Scrap, Blocks, Damaged Components, & Spent Whole Pallets, and maximizing the return on your ground product! Universal is partnering with industry leader Cresswood Shredding Machinery, Cortland, IL to offer their full line of "Destroyer" brand Single-Shaft, Single-Stage, Low-RPM Wood Grinders and complete Processing Systems for serving high- value secondary wood fiber markets. Cresswood designs, manufactures, installs, & services both 'dump & go' Hopper-Feed (HF) and 'in-house' Horizontal End- Feed (EF) Wood Grinder models for a wide range of pallet applications and volume requirements.

For more, go to the Cresswood Website: Cresswood.com, or Contact Universal: 855-298-8890.