Blu-Raccoon Pallet Washer


    • • Cleaning Capacity of 60-180 Pallets per Hour
      • Cleans Wood or Plastic Pallets up to 48"L x 48"W x 6"H
      • Energy-Saving Ambient Temperature Wash & Air Dry
      • Wash Station Specs 150 GPM; 70 PSI(adjustable); 7.5 HP Pump
      • Model for Conventional or Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents
      • Value-Added Results at an Affordable Price!

• Operator manually loads one(1) Pallet onto the 48" Infeed Conveyor, and smoothly slides it through Housing Access
• Pallets 'cycle' through one(1) Wash Stage; Operator continuously loads Pallets onto the Infeed Conveyor, thus manually advancing them through the machine
• Productivity & Cycle Time are determined by Speed of Operator!
• Wash Cycle is complete when Pallets exit the machine, and are manually removed from the Outfeed Conveyor